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Comfort, relaxation and tenderness are the emotions that a Helios mattress will give you.

  • Pocket springs with 5 Support Zones
  • Specifex Springs
  • Horse Hair
  • Memory Foam
  • Latex
  • Solotex
  • Cashmere
  • Merino Wool on the Winter Side

  • Linen Silk on the Summer Side

  • Mattress Ticking: Phase Change Thermoregulatory Material with Microcapsule Technology
    • Antibacterial
    • Antistatic
    • Wash resistant
  • Comfort Level: Medium or Firm

If the standard dimensions do not satisfy you, Contact us to make the mattress to the dimension you want.


We would like to introduce you to Pegasus, a Belgian company that offers unique handmade beds and mattresses.

The exclusive use of the best natural and environmentally friendly materials in our products is guaranteed.

Each of our mattresses is made with the utmost care and precision.

Eco Friendly Materials

A selection of the best natural and environmentally friendly materials, absolute care and passion for handmade products.


Each mattress is handmade, maintaining our basic principles and providing excellent body support.

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100x190cm, 100x200cm, 110x190cm, 110x200cm, 120x190cm, 120x200cm, 140x190cm, 140x200cm, 150x190cm, 150x200cm, 160x190cm, 160x200cm, 170x200cm, 180x200cm, 90x190cm, 90x200cm


7 Years


2 sides / seasons

Comfort Level

3/5, 4/5


Anatomical, Antibacterial, Antistatic, Innovative, Wash Resistant

Springs Type

Pocket, Speciflex Springs


Cashmere, Horse Hair, Latex, Linen Silk, Memory Foam, Merino Wool, Phase Change Thermoregulatory Material, Solotex