There is only one thing that can characterize the Jupiter bed: Bold elegance.

  • Handmade Frame with Springs
  • 100% PES Water Repellent Fabric

Caution: The legs and drawers change the height of the bed

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We would like to introduce you to Pegasus, a Belgian company that offers unique handmade beds and mattresses.

The exclusive use of the best natural and environmentally friendly materials in our products is guaranteed.

Each of our mattresses is made with the utmost care and precision.

Eco Friendly Materials

A selection of the best natural and environmentally friendly materials, absolute care and passion for handmade products.

Bed Dimentions Exlainer

Bed Dimentions

Dimension 160cm Mat 180cm Mat
(Χ) Headband Width 160cm 180cm
(Υ) Headband Depth 7cm 7cm
(Ζ) Headband Heigth 140cm 140cm
(Η) Bed Height 30cm With Legs, 35cm with 4 Drawers
(Κ) Legs Heigth 7cm with wooden legs, 10cm with metal ones

Additional information


160x200cm, 180x200cm


3 Years



Springs Type

Box Springs


Water Resisstant 100% PES Fabric

Bed Legs

A01 Natural 7cm, A02 Walnut Tree 7cm, A03 Cherry Tree 7cm, A04 Vege 7cm, B01 Metallic 10cm